One thing about getting older is that we finally understand things we did not understand before.  With that understanding comes peace and sometimes regret.  We think of things from the past and realize we misunderstood and now it’s too late.  People we thought did not care were showing us they did care in the only way they knew how.  It wasn’t our way so we missed it.  There were opportunities that we passed up because we were scared, hurt, offended, or interpreting things wrongly.  We showed people we loved them in ways they did not understand so we thought they rejected us.  Realizing we were loved more often than we realized gives us peace.  Accepting we missed telling people we love them in ways they could understand ends in regret.  Whether we have peace or regret, the past is over.  All we can do now is nod our head at the past, take our lessons with grace, move forward with new insight, and do our best to do better in the time we have left.


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