Once upon a time (in a workplace far, far away), a group of ladies and I went out to lunch together to a local buffet.  As soon as we sat down at our table, I got my dessert and started eating it first.  One of the ladies looked in horror and said, “you can’t eat that first, you haven’t eaten your meal yet”.  I replied “my mother’s not here” and kept on eating.  Suddenly, several ladies jumped up to go get their dessert to eat it first too.  My rationale for eating dessert first sometimes is that I don’t want to risk being too full for dessert.  Life is too short and we are all consenting adults.  If we want to eat dessert first or even have dessert as our meal, that is our prerogative.  Sometimes we fall into rules, habits, and traditions because we think we have to.  In reality, we have an infinite number of choices every single day.  We can choose go along with the crowd, or we can choose to decide for ourselves.  Either way, we still choose.

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