I am a Christian and Christmas is not part of my religion.  The fact it’s “supposed” to be about the birth of Christ is irrelevant.  It really is NOT about the birth of Christ.  It is about gifts, decorations, shopping, food and gatherings of people.  Using a Christmas card that shows Santa kneeling at the manger does not make it about Christ.  Reading scripture on Christmas Eve for 10 minutes does not make it about Christ.  Whether you say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” does not make it about Christ.  Christmas is not a religious holiday and the observance of Christmas does not make you a Christian.  We can throw in a few religious references, programs, songs and poems if we want to.  It does not make Christmas about Christ.  We cannot put a few religious symbols on a Christmas tree and make it Christian.  I am sorry if this is offensive (and I am sure it is) but it is the way I feel.  I don’t believe Christmas is Christian and I don’t agree with trying to pretend that it is.  I buy gifts, I go to gatherings, I have a few decorations and I celebrate Christmas as a tradition not as a religious holiday.  I’m not against Christmas and am not saying it’s evil.  I’m simply saying it’s not part of MY religion.  You may feel differently and that’s O. K.  Merry Christmas!  DW 1/2/17.


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