To be great is to be misunderstood.  Is it great to be misunderstood?  We can take some comfort in knowing we are in good company.  Are we misunderstood because no one understands us or are we misunderstood because we don’t bother to let people see us as we really are?  When we are being ourselves do people misunderstand us?  Do people misunderstand us no matter how hard we try to help them understand?  Sometimes we don’t understand ourselves so how is it possible for someone else to understand us?  I heard once that if we cannot explain something in simple enough terms for others to understand then we probably don’t understand well enough ourselves.  This might be the case for me.  Maybe I don’t truly understand myself very well (or accept those things about myself I do understand) that makes it difficult to let others know who I really am.  It’s easy to blame others for not feeling understood however every relationship between two people is 50 percent one and 50 percent the other.  I do have a responsibility in my half of every relationship I participate in.  I can’t always be the victim or the person who is misunderstood.  Maybe the other person wants to feel understood as well.  Just maybe I can look at understanding others and understanding myself as well. DW 1/2/17.


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