What really matters to me is not material success or status.  I don’t care anymore if my hair, clothes, car or home is “in style”.  My bank account is not a barometer of my success.  The number of friends I have on social media is not where my self-esteem comes from.  My salary does not correspond to my worth.  What then, really matters to me?  What matters to me is getting to the end of each day feeling reasonably satisfied with every thought I’ve had, every feeling I’ve experienced, every belief I’ve upheld, every word I’ve said and every action I’ve taken that day.  I don’t want to be haunted by new “what if’s” or regrets.  I have enough of those already.  I don’t want to have said or done something I wish I hadn’t.  Worst of all,  I don’t want to lie awake at night thinking about a missed opportunity that may never come again.  Did I speak when I should have remained silent?  Did I remain silent when I should have spoken?  Did I take a stand too strongly and it wasn’t my stand to take?  Did I fail to take a stand that was only mine to take?  I want to feel good about my choices, my decisions and my actions every minute of every day. I face hundreds if not thousands of choices each day–some seemingly small (like when to leave for work) and some seemingly large (like how to answer a call for help).  I’m of the opinion that every thing does matter. There are no coincidences and there are no irrelevant choices.  All things matter.  Everything I say, think and do matters.  This is a heavy burden and a huge responsibility.  This is personal authority and power to make a difference–or not.  I believe this is true for each and every person on earth–from the homeless person on the bench to the wealthiest person in the world.  We all have choices to make and all of our choices matter.  If every individual took their own personal circles of influences to heart and focused on making the absolute best decisions possible in every situation, the world would be a better place–eventually. All I can do is what I can do.  It starts with me.  It starts with you.  We matter.


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