I’d rather be alone than with someone who treats me poorly.  Fear of being alone or not being in a relationship sets people up for abuse.  It’s the fear that enables someone to take advantage of us.  We put up with all sorts of mistreatment rather than risk being alone.  It’s really better to be alone than in some relationships–those that are destructive or harmful.  At the ripe old age of 40 I finally decided it was better to be alone than remain in a bad relationship. I’ve stuck to that promise to myself and while I don’t have very many relationships, the few I have are not abusive.  It’s hard sometimes but not nearly as hard as being degraded, belittled, and disrespected day in and day out.  I encourage each of you to remind yourself daily that you can and will chose to be alone rather than let someone else exploit or abuse you.  That decision will empower you to stand up for your self and set boundaries in your relationships.  You will begin to earn the respect of others as you demonstrate respect for yourself.  You are important.  You do matter.  No one has the right to treat you disrespectfully for the sake of companionship or “love”.


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