I will not give into fear, guilt, or manipulation.  This affirmation is a good one to help us recognize and resist the efforts of others to control us.  People use fear and guilt as primary tools of manipulation.  Remember, any effort to influence our decisions, actions, choices, thoughts, and feelings–aside from direct verbal requests–are forms of manipulation.  Some use these tactics obviously and others are more subtle.  Some drop hints at what “might” happen if we don’t act in a certain way. Others remind us of our past mistakes as a way to exert pressure on us to comply.  Pulling up a “favor” based on something someone did for us in the past is manipulation as well.  There is no such thing as unspoken agreements.  You do not owe someone something you did not agree to in advance.  Any thing brought up after the fact is manipulation and you do not have to play into it.  Be aware, that any decision made out of fear, guilt, or any other manipulation is not likely in our best interest.  If someone has to resort to these type of tactics to get their way then the facts or truth of the situation does not conform to their desires.  In other words, what they want can only be accomplished by dirty tricks and deception.  Fear and guilt are forms of deception.  All forms of manipulation are based on untruths.  If what an individual wants from us is not going to naturally flow from honest, respectful conversation then beware.  When a person uses fear or guilt-trips to have their way with us they are working for our enemy Satan.


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