Let us not forget that all of our earthly battles are really spiritual battles.  While we fight against the evil of this world, our heavenly counterparts are fighting the same battles along side us in the spiritual realm.  Nothing is, ultimately, a fight against this world.  It is, inevitably, a fight against spiritual wickedness.  Keep this in mind when you are coming against attacks directed at you personally.  Pay close attention to your enemies–who they are and who they represent.  It is easy to get confused in the details and to focus on the immediate problems at hand.  You may, mistakenly, look for the logical reason behind someone’s animosity towards you, failing to realize that it’s because of who YOU represent that someone is against you.  Are you being harassed or singled out by someone with earthly authority or influence over you?  Are you bewildered by a particular person’s dislike of you for no apparent reason?  Look no further than the two sides that are behind every single conflict, disagreement, or battle on earth.  There are only two sides no matter how many different forms each may take.  We have “good” and we have “evil”.  These are the only teams represented on earth.  These two teams have many members taken from all walks of like, all nationalities, all races, all professions, and all forms of humanity.  There are only two sides and in any battle on earth then there is one representing evil and another representing good.  How is it, you may ask, that two people who are both Christians can come against each other?  It is because the very strategy of pitting two on the same team against each other is from the evil team.  The evil team sits back and laughs after instigating a fight between two believers.  THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS by C. S. Lewis illustrates the concept perfectly.  As for those of us who are harassed or targeted in work settings, especially by someone with authority over us, if we are truly on the side of Christ we will quickly see that our adversary is not.  It is that clear.  People who are not of the light have subconscious hatred for those who are of the light.  We do not have to wear crosses or quote scripture to be singled out.  For the team we play for is evident, on a spiritual level, as obviously as if we were wearing team jerseys.  Those who are against Christ are against US. It is that simple.  Be careful out there and don’t get caught up in earthly battles without recognizing that underneath it is really not an earthly battle.  webbwisdom.com 2017



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