Happiness, like unhappiness, is a proactive choice (Stephen Covey).  Is happiness or unhappiness mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual?  Are they based on internal or external factors?  Can I choose to be happy in unhappy circumstances (or vice versa)?  Have you ever been around someone who seems determined to be unhappy?  Do you notice people who can find the bad in everything or the good in everything?  Do we have some influence over our own happiness or unhappiness?  There are people who seem to let adversity roll off their backs, shrug, and say “oh well”.  There are also people who negate the positive no matter how positive it is.  Did you win a large sum of money?  Sure, but I have to pay taxes on it.  Did you get a new job?  Yes, but I don’t like my co-worker or my boss.  Are you going on a trip?  Yes, but I have to pack, travel, and negotiate the logistics of a tourist spot.  Yes, but….yes, but….and yes, but.  There is always a “yes, but…”.  The “yes, but” does not have to be the negative perspective.  Did you have a fender-bender?  Yes, but I am okay.  Have you been sick?  Yes, but it is treatable and the few days in bed has done me good.  Have you lost your job?  Yes, but I have my health, my family, have a roof over my head, and food on the table?  Did the waiter get your order wrong?  Yes, but I am thankful I have the means to go out to eat.  It does seem we do have some measure of control over our emotional state of being.  We can make ourselves happier and we can make ourselves unhappier.  We can look for and focus on the negatives (because there will always be negatives) and we can look for and focus on the positives (because there will always be positives).  webbwisdom.com 2017


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