Courage is not the absence of fear but the awareness that something else is more important (Stephen Covey).  Just because we are afraid does not mean we are not brave.  Bravery is taking action in spite of fear.  We are brave when we do something we do not feel comfortable or confident doing.  We are brave when we are anxious and fearful but keep going forward anyway.  We are brave when we speak when insecure, advocate when we are unpopular, stand when we are alone, and fight when we are weak.  We are courageous when we love after we’ve been hurt.  We are courageous when we forgive although no apology has been offered.  We keep going after defeat, we laugh after grief, we smile after hardship, and we help after exploitation.  In adversity we have two choices.  We can give up or we can fight.  We can stand still or we can keep moving.  We can live or we can die.  We may not win every battle but we are not losers.  We may not succeed in every effort yet we are not failures.  We are brave and we are courageous because, and only because, we simply do not give up.


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