False teaching and immorality go together (Dr. Dave Reid).  Do you want to know how to detect false doctrine?  Look at the behavior of the people who espouse it.  Do they cheat on taxes?  Do they take things that are not theirs (like sneaking food from a venue they did not pay for)?  Do they engage in deceptive or exploitive business practices?  Are they greedy, rude, arrogant, or vain?  Do they look down on others?  Do they lie? These are the signs.  False teaching leads to division, chaos, excess, and worldly pursuits.  At the very heart of false teaching is gain for one at the expense of another–mostly monetary but it could also be physical gratification of one kind or another.  We are known by our fruits.  What we say is one thing but what we do is the true representation of who and what we are.  How do we act when others are not watching?  How do we treat those who are helpless and powerless?  Do we distinguish between classes and categories of people?  Do we act as if we are better than some?  Mostly–how do we treat our fellow human?  Do we have compassion?  Are we full of pride and ego?  These are the things that shout the sincerity and accuracy of our beliefs.  As the old saying goes, our actions really do speak louder than our words.   I do not need to be told if you are right in your beliefs and faith. The truth will be evident in your behavior (and mine too).


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