We are not human beings on a spiritual journey.  We are spiritual beings on a human journey (Stephen Covey).  We spend our entire lives trying to fulfill the inner spiritual longing we all share as humans.  Regardless of culture, society, and personal circumstances, we have an inner existence that transcends our physical world.  Whether it’s what some call mind and others call soul, it is that part of ourselves which is the essence of who we truly are on the inside.  It is the driving force in our earthly being.  We strive to reach the actualization of a greater purpose, a higher calling, and a deeper meaning for our existence.  Through hardship, courage, and life itself, we eventually grasp the reality of our spiritual person-hood.  The truth of our spiritual existence is innately known.  As we age we shift our focus from the worldly and temporal to the spiritual and eternal.  Those who are gifted with greater insight and wisdom achieve this realization sooner in life but all do eventually understand although not all accept.  Many live their lives in rebellion or denial of the eternal truth of our spiritual nature and destiny.  Therein lies the human condition.  We all do have free will and can accept our spiritual mission or, sadly, we can also reject it as so many do.  What makes us human is our ability to self-direct our lives and our privilege to refuse submission to our spiritual truth.  What makes us spiritual is the consequences of our decision whether we acknowledge the reality of the truth or not.


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