via Daily Prompt: Orange

Orange is really not one of my favorite colors.  In fact, I would venture to admit it’s my least liked color.  For one, I can’t think of a single thing (clothing, buildings, toys, furniture, vehicles–nothing) that looks better in orange than any other color.  The effect orange has on one looking at it is to increase anxiety and stress (which is why some fast food chains use it for the dining rooms to encourage quick turn over of customers).  The effect is the same when wearing orange–it increases anxiety and irritability for the wearer (it’s ironic that orange is the jumpsuit color of jail inmates with the highest risk of violence).  On a positive note, orange is lovely in nature–especially in the fall.  It’s hard to think of orange without also thinking of autumn.  Interestingly, I read recently that the color orange originated from the fruit orange.  In other words, the color was named after the fruit.  I do like to eat oranges and drink orange juice.  That’s all I have to say right now about orange!


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