To touch the soul of another human being is to walk on holy ground (Stephen Covey).  Being allowed into the inner world of another person is truly an honor.  It’s a sacred moment when someone gives you a glimpse into their heart, mind, and soul.  When someone shares their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and personal history it is a special sharing that is to be reverenced.  Sometimes we only get one shot at this opportunity and the way we respond will either shut the door forever or inch it open a little more.  Sometimes we miss these moments in time by not paying attention or minimizing the significance of the disclosure.  Any time another person tells you something personal or allows you to witness parts of their secret world it warrants respect.  We are many times so caught up in our own inner worlds, our own thoughts, our own feelings, and our own goals we often miss these amazing chances.  Whether with another adult or child, the greatest thing we can do for another person is to listen carefully to what they say or show us and respond with sincere interest in them as individuals rather than from our own personal perspective.  It is rare to focus completely on another individual to the exclusion of ones self.  When it is accomplished, if even for a split second, we are part of something that transcends the present moment.


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