Strength lies in differences, not in similarities (Stephen Covey).  The best of any relationship is based on the unique differences of the individuals.  The same is true for groups of people.  Duplicating the same traits over and over do not make for strong relationships or organizations.  Think about your closest relationship.  You will likely find that one person’s strength is the other person’s weakness.  By complementing each other, the relationship is stronger overall.  When you work with differences rather than against them the benefits multiply and the accomplishments are greater.  Every person in a group, relationship, or organization has something he or she can bring to the table–one or two qualities where they excel which do not overlap with the talents of anyone else in the group.  A good relationship, group, organization, and society allows people to use their talents and strengths while at the same time adapting to or accommodating for their weaknesses.  Poor relationships, on the other hand, tend to focus on weaknesses while ignoring strengths.  When no consideration is taken with what a person is actually good at, people are forced to operate out of their weaknesses rather than their strengths.  This practice leads to failure, discouragement, and other undesirable outcomes.  In most, if not all, relationships there will be at least one person with the skill, talent, and passion for every task or responsibility that needs to be addressed.  By matching people accurately with the task or responsibility for which they have great aptitude, more is accomplished overall with less unpleasantness.  This works out especially well in marriages or other committed relationships between two people.  Instead of using a predetermined mold to define the roles in the relationship (by gender for example), take into account the strengths of the two people involved.  Let the one that is good at a task be responsible for that task and let the other take the roles which line up with their unique abilities as well.  All people are different therefore all couples are different.  Let the couple decide what works for them rather than what tradition dictates.


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