Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important (Stephen Covey).  Urgent matters–those things that demand our attention and time–are not always important and don’t always align with our personal goals.  While we use up our time and resources on what is urgent, the important things–those things that really do matter–are left neglected.  Urgent things are often the result of someone else’s crisis (usually due to their poor planning, poor money management, or procrastination).  Meanwhile, that which we wanted to do–the things that would build the foundation of our future–are not usually pressing or crisis oriented.  Just because something appears urgent on the surface does not mean it’s something you need to spend your time on.  Pay attention to your time and where it goes.  Plan ahead and make time for what is really important to you.  Link the amount of time and resources used on a matter with it’s importance in your life, to your goals, and to your priorities.  Remember, an urgent matter is not always an important matter and you can opt out of someone else’s crisis moment in favor of using your time for what matters most to you.


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