We took our first trip in our new R. V. (used model but new to us).  We’ve always tent camped and use to tell people would could hire ourselves out to areas in drought.  Sure, every time we camped in our tent it rained.  We had 17 inches of rain on the last tent camping trip we took. So, we finally got an R. V.  We had a great trip and I love the R. V.  We spent the first day at the camp site enjoying our new R. V.  We played cards and listened to music in the nice comfortable air conditioning.  The second day we went to the Georgia National Fair.  It was very hot and muggy (that’s humid) and I was so thankful we were not sleeping in a tent.  Sure enough, we did get rain but it went unnoticed.  As we sat at our little dinette table in the R. V. looking out the window, every so often my husband asked me if I wanted to sit outside.  My response was always “I can see outside from here”.



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