Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny (Stephen Covey).  We create our own destiny ultimately by the thoughts we allow space in our head.  Although we cannot prevent things from flitting through our minds we do have the ability not to dwell on them.  We can kick out thoughts that do not contribute to our goals or values.  We can, instead, give room to the thoughts we deliberately decide are in our best interests.  There are thought stopping techniques galore which can easily be found using a quick search on the internet.  The point is, we can exert control over our thoughts and our minds thus forming the actions and habits that develop our character.  Our character is truly what and who we are when no one is watching.  It shapes every decision we make and every direction we go.  Our character is based on our values which in turn affect our behaviors.  It all starts with a thought.  A small, seemingly irrelevant thought.  But thoughts are not meaningless and thoughts have tremendous power.  Thoughts affect our choices, our responses, and our bodies.  Thoughts lead to feelings.  Thoughts lead to action.  Thoughts are based on beliefs and even though some thoughts come that are contrary to our beliefs the ones we keep are directly connected to the beliefs we hold.  Our beliefs then, are the underpinning of our consequences.  If I believe I can then my thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors, and circumstances will bear that out.  If I believe I can’t then the same will hold true.  It’s not as easy to determine underlying belief systems because these can be subconscious and ingrained in our personalities.  It’s easier to notice thoughts therefore thoughts can be the starting point for changing our lives if we so choose to exert the influence and control we could have over them.



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