Carnivals are one of my fondest memories from childhood.  The school would have one every year for Halloween.  There were countless booths where we played games and won prizes.  The prizes were great.  We dressed up in costumes we planned for weeks.  It was a great time and one we looked forward to all year long.  Aside from the Halloween carnival we also had the annual fair.  The fair, at the local fair grounds, not only had the farm, craft and baking contests, it also had rides and games.  This was something else we did every year.  Now the annual National fair is still something I look forward to and is the greatest one of all.  The food, sights, people and entertainment is something to behold.  I don’t dress up anymore, I don’t ride the rides much and I do not play the games.  I still enjoy looking and seeing all the things there are to see.  What do you like best about a carnival or fair?


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