Why do we hold onto to so much stuff?  We cling to things that are not helpful, that we are never going to use, and that simply take up space that can be used for something else.  This is true materially and emotionally.  Emotionally we cling to hurts, disappointments, and grief as if our very life depends on them.  We hold onto to things that in reality are weighing us down–pulling us under water.  Perhaps holding on to something feels better than letting go and having nothing to grasp.  It’s as if we are floating alone in the vast sea of life and we refuse to let go of the very thing that is going to drown us.  In our panic and fear we hesitate to let go and somehow think that something is better than nothing.  Some things are worse than nothing and while we keep our hands, our hearts, our minds, and our lives full of useless or hurtful things, we leave ourselves unable to reach out for the good and helpful things that are sitting behind the rest.  Just let go.  Even if nothing else is there, you alone can do much better than you surrounded by things (or people) who drag you down.  Repeat to yourself over and over again (until it becomes true) “I would rather be alone and have nothing than be without someone who hurts me or have things that keep me from something better”.

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