If we learn from defeat, we really haven’t lost.  We can gain something from every apparent loss by learning a lesson that will help us in the future.  Perhaps the lesson is how to avoid the same pitfalls.  We can notice what works and pay attention to what doesn’t work.  We can do more of what works and less of what does not work.  All life experience provides an opportunity for learning something valuable.  We can learn quickly or we can repeat the lesson many times. Either way we will learn the lesson eventually.  It would be better for us if we make a point to look for the lessons in our defeats and failures.  This will make every thing that happens valuable to us, even the mistakes.  Some lessons come easy.  Other lessons come more slowly.  In time we can appreciate all of what we’ve been through and be thankful for the opportunities to grow, learn, and develop skills. 2017.

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