Opportunity is walking through your life every day in the form of people you meet (Zig Ziglar).  Does every person present an opportunity and, if so, is that opportunity always a good one?  It seems some people represent an opportunity that is positive while others bring a chance to learn a valuable, albeit uncomfortable,  lesson.  Whether pleasant or unpleasant all people can offer us a valuable encounter.  Maybe, for those people who are not necessarily for our betterment, we can practice discernment.  Perhaps recognizing the need to be cautious is as important as acknowledging paths to something better.  Regardless, each and every person can be a conduit for us and us for them.  It’s not always about us.  Sometimes the chance meetings are opportunities for the other individual.  Pay attention to each and every individual you cross paths with and consider the possibility it’s not random–that, in fact, the two of you have entered into each others sphere for a once in a lifetime opportunity to help each other or learn from one another.

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