We cannot consistently perform in a manner inconsistent with the way we see ourselves.  If we believe we are failures then sooner or later our actions will demonstrate failure.  On the other hand, if we see ourselves as good, capable individuals, worthy of success and prosperity, then eventually our decisions will lead to this state as well.  We can put on an outward show for a while however it won’t be something we can keep up forever.  Sooner or later our true selves will shine and especially those parts of ourselves we wish to hide will.  To truly succeed then on the outside is to refine and deepen our character on the inside.  It’s a strong character built on integrity and solid moral principles that eventually prospers in our work, our decisions, and our lives.  What does our lives reveal about how we see ourselves?  Do our lives reveal respect and dignity or do our lives demonstrate disrespect and devaluing of ourselves?  Maybe we reveal a little of both. 2017.

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