If you don’t plan your time, someone else will help you waste it (Zig Ziglar).  It’s not that every minute of every day has to be planned out in advance in order to keep other people from barging in on your time.  The point is, you have to maintain control or others will try to decide for you.  If you have decided to spend a day relaxing and doing nothing, then that is a plan.  Just because you have apparent free time does not mean it’s up for grabs to another person simply because they want it.  When you have a day off, it does not mean you are necessarily free to baby sit or help a neighbor on one of their gardening projects.  It is alright to say “no” or to decline an invitation or request.  Because you can do something does not mean you are obligated to do something.  For many people having a day to oneself is critical for renewal and self-care.  When every hour of the week is obligated to someone else’s goal it leaves your own goals unfulfilled.  There is a big difference between being selfish and taking care of yourself.  Subtracting your time in paid employment (which you have basically sold to your employer), your free time belongs to you to decide how you want to spend it.  Others don’t consider their bank accounts up for grabs just because it’s there.  Time is infinitely more valuable than money and should be considered the same way when deciding how to use it.  Your money belongs to you.  Your time belongs to you.  Only you should have authority over how either of them are used.  Since you ultimately can decide to “waste” your money on an expensive meal or new shoes, you can also decide to “waste” your time doing what you want to do rather than what others want you to do.

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