There is no elevator to success–you have to take the stairs (Zig Ziglar).  Success takes effort and endurance.  There are no easy paths or short cuts.  Accomplishment takes time.  While some people start out in very good jobs, they rarely (if ever) start out at the top.  Sure, there may be exceptions (such as with a family company) yet even then there has been preparation and training to enable entrance to the inherited position.  To start out in a high level position in a company, if accomplished, did not come without effort either.  Taking the path to higher education that leads to better starting positions takes time, money, and effort as well.  To be successful in any endeavor does require personal commitment, sacrifice, time, and effort.  Patience is part of the process as well as a willingness to delay personal gratification and rewards.  The high profile professions of the entertainment and sports industries are no exceptions.  The physical training, self-denial, and grueling work hours are not highlighted–only the resulting dazzle of celebrity.  With all achievement comes a cost–a price–that someone had to pay.  Do not begrudge anyone their success–even people who were born with great advantage.  Those born with family position and power still, on a personal level, have to earn their own success.  While opportunity, fortune, and position can be inherited sometimes, the success that is tied to an individual can only be earned.  History is full of examples of people who inherited a fortune only to squander it through personal ineptitude.  Conversely, history also reveals those who were born into poverty with little, if any, advantages and accomplished great things.  While some people are born with greater assets and advantages, it’s really how those resources are used that ultimately determines that individual’s success.

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