Encouragement is the oxygen of the soul (Zig Ziglar).  Oxygen is not optional.  Without oxygen we die.  So it is with encouragement.  We need encouragement to live.  Without encouragement life becomes, well, lifeless.  People are easily encouraged.  All it takes is a word now and then.  We need to hear, “good job”, “nice”, or “hang in there” periodically to keep us going.  Small words of encouragement help us keep discouragement at bay.  Discouragement seeps into our soul to corrode and destroy hope and without hope there is little desire to live.  The ability to encourage others is a spiritual gift.  Everyone does not have this gift although everyone is capable of encouraging others.  Those with the gift of encouragement do so naturally, spontaneously, and effortlessly. It is a vastly under appreciated talent yet we automatically are drawn to encouraging people.  We know who to call to get a dose of encouragement and we know who to avoid when we don’t want to feel discouraged.  Think about what encourages you and remember to encourage someone else every opportunity you get.  Tell someone you appreciate what they do and recognize when someone could benefit from a kind and encouraging word.  It’s free and takes very little time or effort yet the impact is immeasurable.

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