I just realized the anticipated wind for my area on Monday is estimated to be 70 miles per hour.  Yikes!  We’ve been filling up every possible container for water since the electricity is likely to be off.  We are planning for around a week of having no electricity.  Our toilets can be filled at the tank to flush since we are on a pump for water (if the electricity is off).  We live in the country and the lights often go out in routine thunder storms.  My husband is securing everything he can and making sure the horses have what they need.  I wish we could bring the horses inside.  They have a shelter but we were advised to give them freedom to go where they want and their instincts will help them locate the safest place on the property.  They have about 10 acres.  They, of course, can stay in the shelter if they decide to.  We have plenty of food for ourselves and two propane tanks filled if we have to use our RV to cook.  I decided we could use our deep freezer like a cooler if we have to.  We filled water jugs with 1/3 cup of salt and the rest water to freeze.  They are colder that way.  Every available 5 gallon bucket is filled and we have about 10,000 gallons of water in the above ground pool we only just put up.  I admit I’m a little nervous.  The most wind I’ve ever been in was 37 miles per hour and I drove to work in that–it was no big deal.  I watched a video online of 70 miles per hour wind and that really scared me.  I can’t complain because no matter how bad it may be here it’s nothing compared to those closer to the coast and especially poor Florida.  Apparently the entire state of Florida is evacuating.  Vehicles have been pouring into Georgia for the past two days.  Coming home from work yesterday it seemed like I was the only one driving south.  I do hope and pray everyone gets to safety and especially all the animals.  We saw a picture this morning of how someone had wrapped their poor chickens up in newspaper and tape to get them safely away.  People do love their animals.  I’m not sure I would have thought to bring chickens along if I had to evacuate.  The two horses and one cat would have been hard enough!  We don’t even own a horse trailer.  I pray everyone in the path of this storm survives and those who are helping people along the way–God bless you!



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