Every success is built on the ability to do better than good enough (Zig Ziglar).  I am in favor of not placing impossibly high standards on oneself.  If striving for perfection creates unnecessary stress (which is damaging to overall health and wellbeing) it is better, in some situations, to enjoy being just good enough–not the best.  On the other hand, it’s important not to limit our self either–to place an invisible ceiling by which we can never go higher.  Always settling for “good enough” is not in our best interest in many ways.  Settling for a relationship that’s “good enough” or a job that’s “good enough” keeps us from achieving our greatest possible success and will ultimately lead to a less fulfilling life.  Success ultimately is the result of setting our sights on our highest goal and a having a willingness to go beyond what is merely adequate.   High achievement is inspired by not accepting the status quo and by stretching ourselves beyond our comfort zone or what is easiest to accomplish.  There is a perfect balance between high goals and unrealistic expectations.  The key, then, is to have a healthy level of stress that motivates us to go further but not to the point where it becomes a critical, cruel warden lowering our quality of life.

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