You are the only person on earth who can use your ability (Zig Ziglar).  No one person on earth is exactly like another.  Even identical twins, somehow, develop into different people with different traits and abilities.  It’s awe-inspiring to realize that we truly are unique–that there is no one in the entire world the same as we are.  With that being said, each of us have talents, abilities, and gifts that are ours alone.  We, personally, have something to offer the world that no one else can supply.  It’s a humbling concept and one, with thought, comes with great responsibility.  We are responsible for fulfilling our purpose–for using our talents as intended.  No one is insignificant or worthless.  Everyone has something to offer.  Think carefully about what you are good at AND what you enjoy.  Therein lies your gift–your ability.  While we may be good at many things yet we don’t enjoy them.  We also have things we enjoy but are not especially good at.  Our mission, then, is the cross-section of those things we enjoy AND are good at.  We are not expected to work in areas we dislike.  God gives us a passion for what He calls us to do and He gives us the talent to do it well.  Whatever you find yourself occupied with today, if it is not something you enjoy doing then it likely is not your calling.  It’s not too late to reevaluated and change your life work to be in line with what you are called, equipped, and motivated to accomplish.  It is supposed to be fun.

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