When you give a man a dole you deny him his dignity, and when you deny him his dignity you rob him his destiny (Zig Ziglar).  Sometimes help is not really help–it’s harmful.  Creating dependence does not help people in the long run.  I do believe in giving people a hand-up but not in giving people hand-outs.  Hand-outs are insulting and reinforce feelings of incompetency.  It’s degrading to define an individual or an entire group of people as permanently helpless and hopeless.  People, by nature,  really do want to contribute, to give, to be independent and self-sufficient.  Systems that don’t encourage, allow, and assist people in meeting these goals are basically keeping down the very people it “helps”.  Generations are taught dependency and disrespect of their own abilities.  People are programmed to believe they will never be anything or anyone outside the role assigned to them by society.  It’s an ancient caste system that reinforces a lower class and guarantees it’s existence.  When the social service system was created in the United States of America, it originally was for widows and orphans (of soldiers) and was temporary.  In the Great Depression people really wanted  jobs–a way to earn a living, and the pubic works program created jobs for people.  Just like many good ideas and programs, over time they get distorted, perverted, and dysfunctional.  As more and more people earn their living in social services then the very existence of these jobs depends on there being a continuous supply of service users (recipients).  A good social program is one that, eventually, would work its way out of existence–the social problem, on a foundational level would be resolved.  The institution (which is made up of many individual people) now has a vested interest in no one improving themselves or their lives.  Social problems are solvable and people are capable of learning, growing, and accomplishing great things.  What people need then are ways to address their immediate problems in the short-term while at the same time building a foundation for eventual freedom from the “help”.



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