The more grateful we are for what we have, the more we have to be grateful for.  The same is true for complaining.  The more we complain about the more we have to complain about.  Which do we want to grow?  There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for and, yes, we can also find something to complain about easily enough.  Those who are never satisfied will never be satisfied no matter what they gain.  It’s a bottom-less pit of want.  Those who are thankful for what they have seem to be blessed with whatever little they have–they seem to want for nothing.  Some people are happier and more content in their little shack with no electricity or plumbing than others are in their multi-million dollar mansions.  You see, true fulfilment does not come from possessions or circumstances.  True contentment and peace come from within.  A grateful heart never ceases to find something to be grateful for and, it seems, the more grateful we are the more we seem to have to be grateful for.  Don’t we feel more motivated to give to appreciative people more so than those who are unappreciative and even somewhat entitled to our blessings?  When someone is genuinely pleased and gracious over a gift (whether it be a gift of money, time, or product) we naturally want to give more to that individual.  When someone scoffs at our gift, complains about it, or demands more in spite of it, we really don’t want to give much of ourselves or our resources to that person do we? 2017


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