Children have never been very good at listening to their elders but they’ve never failed to imitate them (Zig Ziglar).  “Do as I say, not as I do”.  We’ve all heard this from one person or another.  I remember my own mother saying this to us as children.  The opposite is what we end up doing.  We learn what we see and we copy the behaviors of those people we look up to.  I remember my little sister telling me once, “I knew if you did it then it must be OK to do”.  That frightened me (being a young adult at the time enjoying the first freedoms of college days).  We’ve also heard “little eyes are watching and little ears are listening”.  This is something we, as adults, really do need to take seriously.  Not only are children watching and learning from us, but so are other adults we don’t realize are looking to us for guidance and role modeling.  We are all role models to many people whether we realize it or not.  Show people how to be.  Do the right thing for the right reason.  Sometimes it only takes one person to show another a better way.  We don’t know what an impact we truly have on others but be assured we do have an impact one way or another.

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