The greatest of all mistakes is to do nothing because you can only do a little (Zig Ziglar).  We may not be able to do everything–yet we can do something.  It might not be possible to do it all–but it is easy to do a little. There are times when an issue or problem seems overwhelming therefore we don’t see the benefit of even trying.  Sure, some things cannot be taken care of by one person or one effort.  That is not so say that one person and one effort do not matter.  An ocean is made up of countless drops of water–any one of which would not be noticeable.  The beach is made up of an infinite number of grains of sand–none of which may be seen standing alone.  The many stars in the sky shine together.  The members of a large band sound as one.  Every person’s voice in a choir is indistinct yet the music of the whole fills the cathedral.  Do not be deceived into thinking your voice does not count, your contribution does not matter, or your efforts are meaningless.  Every small action creates a ripple in the fabric of life and it’s true that one little act of kindness on your part, a tiny little “that’s not right” combines with others and as a people, as a nation, and as a human–our one little part does matter.  We matter.  webbwisdom.com  2016

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