The fear of loss is greater than the desire for gain (Zig Ziglar).  Sometimes we don’t try at all for fear of losing or being rejected even though no real harm comes from it in actuality.  If we don’t try then we won’t succeed at all.  If we don’t ask the answer is always “no”.  If I already don’t have it or have not accomplished it then I really have nothing to lose.  If I fail or am rejected then I am only right where I was when I started.  On the other hand, I may actually succeed or be told “yes” so really the chance of succeeding even if it’s a small chance seems to be worth the effort in most cases.  We just hate rejection is all although rejection does not harm  us in any way.  The next time you hesitate to do something or ask for something you want think about what is the worst that can happen.  If the only risk you are taking is hurt feelings then think about going for it anyway.  You have to be able to experience failure and rejection because it sometimes takes many tries before success is achieved.  Hardly anyone succeeds on the first try.  As we reduce our sensitivity to rejection and failure we open up more opportunities for our self and success.  “If at first you don’t succeed-try, try again”.

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