Encouragement and hope are the two most powerful qualities any person can provide to others (Zig Ziglar).  I do believe I am an encourager and inspire hope in others.  This is what I am good at.  It’s a talent and skill that comes easy for me.  I enjoy helping people feel better.  I think being able to encourage others is a gift and I don’t take this gift lightly.  If I can see a bright side I’m going to point it out.  No matter how bad things are I will look for a reason to hope.  I spend every work day doing just that–encouraging people and giving them hope. Without hope it’s a very short walk to having dangerous thoughts.  Dangerous thoughts lead to dangerous acts which often are life threatening.  Every life is valuable and all people are important.  When people feel their worst and at their lowest they need encouragement the most.  When it seems all hope is lost then even a sliver of hope can make a difference.  I work in suicide prevention and the people I talk to throughout the day have come very close to losing all hope.  It’s a great honor to have the opportunity to encourage people and help them gain enough hope to keep living.  As long as we are still living there is hope.


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