Make failure your teacher-not your undertaker (Zig Ziglar).  Failure does not have to be the end nor does it have to be shameful.  Many great lessons are learned from failure-ours and others.  It often takes many attempts thus many mistakes to learn what we need to learn in order to accomplish our goals.  We dare not be afraid or ashamed of failure.  To fail means to have tried, to have taken a chance, to have had the courage to attempt.  Sooner or later we will succeed if we keep getting back up and trying yet again.  There are many reasons we may fail and many factors involved in eventual success.  One contribution to the number of failures is whether we take a minute or two to learn from each one.  Sure, we will learn our lessons sooner or later.  However, by seeking the lesson in failure, we can reduce the number of overall attempts we have to make in order to reach our goal.  Pray to learn each life lesson as quickly and painlessly as possible thus reducing the mistakes required to finally “get it”.  Avoid both stubbornness and discouragement–both of which are barriers to reaching goals. 2017

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