Are you a middle child and even as an adult have that feeling of always being in the middle?  Do you find yourself trying to smooth things over between others?  Are you constantly trying to keep the peace?  The person in the middle usually is a stabilizing force in a group–the voice of reason if you want to call it that.  People tend to turn to this middle person naturally–as if knowing this person is strong, solid and capable of handling most anything.  The middle person, though, gets tired sometimes.  The load of other people’s burden gets heavy sometimes.  Yet we would not have it any other way.  We are middle people by birth, by accident, by nature or by design.  Either way, it’s our gift, it’s our talent and it’s our calling.  Hang in there middle children of the world and, by all means, take care of yourself! D. Webb 8/12/17 (Happy Middle Child Recognition Day)


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