Some people find fault like there is a reward for it (Zig Ziglar).  Maybe this is human nature–to always look for the worst.  Perhaps it’s a survival technique–to focus on what’s bad and what’s wrong.  On the other hand, it’s very discouraging and comes across as highly critical.  There is always something imperfect that can draw our attention away from what is beautiful, positive, and good.  Looking for the good exclusively or seeking only the bad both represent an imbalanced, biased outlook.  Good and bad exist.  To be happy, safe, and grounded it’s necessary to recognize the negatives without feeding them and also honoring the good-without magnifying those either.  Perpetual optimism, by ignoring any bad in the world, can be dangerous and prevent us from taking steps to protect ourselves.  While at the same time, being determined pessimists will results in depression, bitterness, and loneliness.  The real world is both good and bad–and real people have good traits and bad traits.  The good does not erase the bad and the bad does not negate the good.  Be forgiving of the mistakes of others while preserving the life lesson involved.  Love people in spite of their weaknesses and imperfections rather than exaggerating their talents and strengths.  webbwisdom.com 2017

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