If we aim at nothing, we are sure to hit it every time.  When we don’t try, we can’t even have a chance to succeed.  Since we don’t ask, the answer is always no.  Because we don’t have it or have not accomplished it now, then what do we really have to lose by trying or asking?  Sure, we may not succeed but then again we might.  Hardly ever do we make it on the first try.  Often we have to try and try again many times before accomplishing what we set out to accomplish.  Let not our fear of rejection, failure, or mistakes keep us from trying and reaching out to others.  There is risk involved in the effort however the cost is worth the ultimate benefit WHEN we succeed.  For if we keep trying we will, eventually, succeed.  If we keep asking we will be told “yes” some of the time.  Ultimate failure, therefore, is not the result of seeking to fulfill our goals but rather the result of giving up or not trying at all.  Rejection is not the consequence of seeking fellowship but the fruit of pulling away.  webbwisdom.com 2017

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