I’m deleting them!  They never like my posts.  They must be mad at me–they don’t like my pictures any more.  They never comment on anything I post.  Since when did interaction on social media become a barometer to judge our relationships?  Maybe our “friend” has been busy, or in the hospital or can’t check their phones during work hours.  Perhaps they are not that focused on social media in the first place.  There are countless reasons why a particular person does not personally single out our posts to interact with.  Why don’t we talk with our friends in real life enough to know what’s going on with them rather than analyzing their activity on social media?   Better yet, spend actual time with people and then we don’t have to wonder if they like us.  Another thing that makes no sense is taking our friend’s posts personally.  How can EVERYTHING our “friend” posts be about us?  Are we really the center of our friend’s life?  Do we honestly believe that all of people’s thoughts, feelings and activities have something to do with us?  How narcissistic can we be these days?  It reminds me of the Old Carly Simon song “You’re so Vain” and the phrase “I guess you think this song is about you–don’t you!”  Seriously, if the shoe fits!


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