Electronic and audio books are grand!  What a great age we live in as far as technology is concerned.  We can get a new e-book or audio within seconds and carry thousands with us every where we go on our phone.  Sometimes, though, we want a physical book–a real book.  A real book can be felt and smelled.  The very act of turning the pages is soothing.  We can underline, highlight and skip around easily. We can read just the first sentence of each paragraph.  We can look at the appendix.  We can complete the checklists and charts right there in the book. We can photocopy pages to share or post on the wall.  Our world is better with all the choices available to us and sure, enjoying electronic and audio books serves to expand our lives.  On the other hand, hard or soft back books can never be completely replaced.  Besides, you can’ buy a used electronic book at a yard sale for ten cents–yet. 2017


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