Do you ever have days you feel sad for no reason at all?  There is a reason–you just can’t remember it.  It’s an ache in your heart for a loss.  Somewhere deep inside you feel it but can’t name it.  You are grieving.  Your heart is heavy.  You are simply sad.  If you can figure out what the grief or loss is it may help.  Then you can spend the day honoring the memory or respecting the loss.  If you can’t determine where it’s coming from you can still acknowledge there is a grief or loss your body remembers and your mind has forgotten.  Spend some time allowing yourself to feel sad (not self-pity).  Make an effort to express the sadness in some way.  Wear blue to remind yourself it’s alright to feel sad sometimes.  Reach out to someone else who is grieving or sad and offer sympathy or condolence.  Watch a sad movie and cry.  Sadness comes from the heart and not the head.  If it’s in your heart then it’s worth giving it a voice and a way to come out.  Take care of yourself in the process and be extra nice to you!  It will pass.  Tomorrow is another day.  Be blue today and don’t feel ashamed.  Trust that your heart knows and if it’s important to your heart then it’s important to you. 2017

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