Sometimes blessings are not obvious–that thing you wanted so badly and did not get, the relationship that ended, a flat tire, oversleeping and so many things.  At first, they seem like inconveniences at best and heart-breaks at worst.   The thing you wanted was faulty and would have caused great harm.  The relationship was leading you down the wrong path–wasting your life.  A flat tire kept you off the road avoiding a terrible accident a few miles later.  Oversleeping gave you the alertness you needed to think quickly in a crisis.  We don’t always know the rest of the story.  We cannot see what would have been.  Look for blessings in all things.  We don’t necessarily understand why life is the way it is.  We don’t comprehend the reason for suffering or death.  There are tragedies.  There are hardships.  There are hurtful circumstances.  Some of these are the result of our own bad decisions.  Others are the effects of other people’s choices.  Still more seem to come out of nowhere for no obvious reason.  Regardless of the origin, something good can come from all things if we seek it–even when the good is the development of our own character or the thankfulness that it’s over.  We never were promised a comfortable or fair life.  To think so is  a myth, a lie and a terrible disappointment.  Life has good things and bad things.  That’s just the way it is and all of us are going to die.


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