Don’t depend on others for your happiness, sense of accomplishment, self-esteem or value as a person.  Find confidence in yourself in spite of what others say.  Like yourself for yourself and not as a reflection of other’s opinions of you.  One person may find you attractive, intelligent and fun to be around while another person finds you wanting in some way.  How people see us tells us about them not about ourselves anyway so it’s not really accurate to base our self-image on the opinions of others.  If we constantly seek the approval of others to validate our self-worth we will never feel valued.  There are people, too, who habitually criticize or put others’ down in an attempt to build themselves up at someone else’s expense (although it never works).  If you find it impossible to satisfy or please someone  important to you it’s not because you are not up to par–it’s  because the other person feels inferior in some way and therefore tries to pull you down as well.  Yes, it is hurtful when someone you love finds it necessary to point out your “flaws” or criticize you in an effort to “help” you.  Take it for what it is (their opinion or their attempt to lower you in your own eyes).  Either way it’s not about you anyway so try not to take it to heart.  You will never please everyone nor will you even please one person all the time.  Take the good with the bad and don’t base your self-worth on the words or actions of other people toward you.  We are all flawed in some way and it’s really better to accept yourself as-is and move on.  Feel sorry for those people who find it necessary to hurt another person to feel “good” about themselves. It’s really sad when you think about it.  Don’t lessen your shine so others will feel less dull! ( 2017) You may also like:When words hurt

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