No matter where you go, there YOU are.  We have a tendency to leave jobs, relationships, places and other situations because we feel like these things are THE problem.  Several jobs, relationships or places down the road we find ourselves, yet again, dissatisfied and planning to make a change.  We may need to stop and consider the common factor in all of these situations–US!  Sometimes we are carrying with us the problems or underlying issues that create dissatisfaction for us or we become our own barriers to happiness or goals.  We can only go so long blaming others and circumstances for our lives and problems.  Sure, there are people who are not good for us.  There are jobs we may need to leave.  There are places we may not thrive in.  On the other hand, leaving because of a problem may not be the best strategy until we’ve consider our part of the problem.  What have we done that may have set up, contributed to or reinforced the problem?  We must first look within ourselves for answers to the things in life that cause us to want to run and start over.  It’s very possible we take the problem with us when we go because we, are, in fact, creating the problem ourselves.  This is to be considered especially when we feel mistreated or victimized.  Often, if we have a victim or “poor-me” mentality we are setting up situations that create the victim dynamic we are unconsciously comfortable with.  Are we dating people who clearly show signs of disrespect early in the relationship?  Are we seeking and accepting jobs with companies and supervisors known to be abusive to employees?  Are we moving to locations or places that have solid data supporting the high crime rate in the area?  If so, we need to look carefully at our patterns and the life circumstances that keep repeating to examine our part of the cycle.  We need to take steps to break out of these kinds of destructive patterns and stop setting ourselves up for hurt, disappointment or stressful situations.  Above all, we could make friend with ourselves and begin respecting ourselves first before we blame others for following our lead. ( 2017).  Try:Blame Mentality

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