Happiness is not a where or when, it is a here and now. Sometimes we think happiness is related to a condition or circumstance when really it’s not.  We can be happy in spite of what’s going on around us.  Any happiness tied to an external event, person or situation is not really happiness. True happiness exists within us regardless of circumstances.  Happiness exists when our bank account does not.  Happiness is found inside us not outside us.  There are immensely wealthy people who are so unhappy they take their own lives.  There are, conversely, incredibly poverty-stricken people who consider themselves content, at peace and happy.  A homeless person can be happy.  Happiness is a state of being based on things that are, in fact, within our control.  If we are not happy and blame circumstances, people or things beyond us for our unhappiness we are simply giving away our ability to be happy.  If “happy” is connected with things being the way we want them, when we want them and how we want them then we really aren’t talking about happiness.  We are, in reality, talking about personal gratification, personal satisfaction or personal pleasure.  When we think of the worst times in our lives those often are also considered the best times of our lives in some way.  Maybe we were poor and yet found happiness in other areas.  Maybe the bad times brought something out of us that lead us to a higher level of character or purpose.  It’s possible to decide we are happy and will remain happy regardless of circumstances.  It’s possible to wake up feeling happy and NOT let something random derail the feelings of happiness.  We really don’t have to be a the mercy of life or things beyond our control.  We are able to move past someone’s unkind remark within a few seconds and not allow it to “ruin” our day.  We don’t have to let others tell us how to feel or when we are happy.  We can be happy simply by enjoying the moment, the simple pleasures  or simply the feel of air moving in and our of our lungs.  We don’t have to have impossible demands of life for happiness to take place.  We can embrace happiness in sickness, in health and in all manner of being.  TUESDAY’S WITH MORRIE by Mitch Albom illustrates this point very well.Tuesdays with Morrie Book Quotes

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