Somewhere along the line we all have gotten the impression we are supposed to feel good all the time and there is not ever supposed to be anything we have to do that we don’t feel like doing. 

How erroneous this belief is and how badly it affects how we go about our lives.  In reality, feelings are the result of various factors from hormones, what we ate for dinner, the weather, our health, what we see, something we hear, and a countless number of influences.  Feelings are not facts. We are much better informed when we make decisions with information rather than feelings.  We inevitably will make better decisions when we set aside our feelings for a moment and think.  Feelings may be one single source of information however there are other more reliable sources of information.  As adults, it behooves us to take a measure of control over our feelings or at the very least not allow our feelings to control us.  We may feel like quitting, running away, yelling, hitting, crying or any number of behaviors.  These feelings certainly need not have the final authority.  We can, instead, make a choice about how we act in spite of how we feel.  We don’t always feel like getting up in the mornings but many of us decide to get up anyway.  We don’t always feel like eating but when we want to stay healthy we eat regardless to avoid the physical effects of self neglect.  When we hear someone say “I don’t feel like it” as the ultimate excuse (as if it were an acceptable reason) we can’t help but think of this person as less reliable than we would expect an adult to be.  If “I don’t feel like it” is a good excuse then how do we know if or when an individuals’ feelings will give them permission to do the right thing, at the right time, and for the right reason?  We cannot trust someone who follows the whims of emotion and we cannot trust our self when we do the same.  Feelings are simply the result of a complex chemical reaction in our bodies that may or may not have relevance to what is best for us to think or do in any given moment.  Please keep this in perspective and act accordingly.  Don’t let emotions rule your life any more than you’d let a stranger tell you what your favorite color should be. (webbwisdom.com 2017).  You may also like:  Article Summary-mindfulness can change your brain…

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