We all have 24 hours each day to spend as we will. While we often hear people say “you have more time than I do” it’s simply not true. We all have the same amount each day until the day we die.  How we choose to spend that time is up to us.  If we waste it or spend too much of it on one thing at the expense of another, who is responsible for that decision?  We are.  So many times we allow others to dictate or influence how we spend our time then complain because we get to the end of the day having not done what was most important to us.  We can spend our time at the direction of others, we can use our time exclusively for ourselves or we can create a balance between the two. Ultimately, each of us is responsible for how we have used our time.  As adults, we cannot hold someone else accountable for how we have spent the day.  We can choose to bend our will to the preferences or requests of others or we can set limits on what others determine about our lives.  Setting boundaries with others, saying “no” or putting our own needs first some of the time is a skill that can be learned.  Even though it is uncomfortable to displease people it is often necessary to do so if we are going to accomplish our own goals in life. Other people tend to act in their own best interests and will attempt to use up our time in pursuing their particular goals.  We do not have to agree or participate in that process.  It is up to us how we spend our 24 hours each day.  How do you plan to use the hours allotted to you? ( 2017). You might also like:  The “No” deficiency

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