We can love other people or we can be right–probably not both.  Many of us take great care to prove we are “right” especially during an argument.  This does not lead to close, intimate and loving relationships.  Why is it harmful to close relationships when we insist on being right?  It’s because in order for us to be “right” then someone else has to be “wrong”.  It’s an issue of ego and pride in which one has to be superior, higher, better or more important than another.  Who wants to have a close, trusting relationship with someone who always insists on us being the lesser person all the time?  It’s not a fun or pleasant-feeling to spending time with a person who emphasizes our wrongness and their rightness.  How can we feel loving in such a relationship?  How can we relax, feel comfortable and be ourselves?  We might best be cautious of a relationship with an individual who focuses too heavily on proving who is right or assigning blame when things go wrong.  In our own relationships, we can, instead, avoid proving or pointing out when we believe we are right yet always own up to when we truly have made a mistake.  By doing so, the dynamics of blame, competition and one-up-mans-ship can lose its power.  In happy, loving relationships there are no losers or scapegoats—only people who love, respect and value each other without the need to prove one is better than the other. (webbwisdom.com 2017).  You may also like:The Most Valuable lesson…


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