There are plenty of articles for budget or low-cost gifts.  Sometimes we have no money at all for gifts.  There are still ways to give gifts without spending any money at all.  You can offer a service as a gift (such as cleaning their house, babysitting for an evening out or doing their cooking or lawn work for them so they can read a book or watch a movie).  You can offer cute coupons (such as for no-questions-asked favors, being able to decide what’s for supper, an hour-long back-rub or being Queen or King for the day).  Another idea is to give meaningful possessions of your own (like a collectible you’ve treasured for years).  You may have books you purchased new and only read once.  A collection of these grouped into themes would make a great gift.  If you have a special talent you can offer use of your talent as a gift (like sewing for them or working on their car free of labor cost).  A gift is a way to express your love, appreciation or esteem for another person.  It’s not about the money spent but rather the thought that goes into it that sends the best message.  Using your creativity, what you have available to you and thinking carefully about the person you want to give a gift to, there are countless possibilities of how perfectly to show that person how much you care.  Gifts that involve your time are the most meaningful ones of all.  Taking someone to the park for the day and packing a homemade picnic may show you care more than spending $100 on a gift.  Most people recognize the value of time so spending time with someone actually is more valuable than spending money on them.  ( 2017); you may also like:No-cost gifts that are priceless


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